The Places and the People

Yemisi Blake is interested in the transitional time between childhood and adulthood and how that is reflected in the physical urban spaces occupied by young people in North London: street corners, parks, the route between home and school. This residency, engaging with ‘difficult to reach’ young people, will creatively explore the relationship between these young people and their city, and ask of these liminal spaces, what is possible here?

Aoife Mannix’s work often circles the concept of home and exile. Her residency will engage with migrant communities in North London, exploring the experience of being between homes: living with the memory of a former home whilst creating a new home in London, and considering how this is expressed in domestic spaces and experiences of the city.

Joseph Coehlo is  interested in the power and role of performance within the streets of the city. His residency will focus on the concept of the market, working in Whitecross Street Market in EC1. Whitecross Street Market was established in the 17th century, making it one of the oldest markets in London. It is currently undergoing a major process of regeneration, transforming from a notorious no go area to a place populated with new coffee shops and cheese stalls which sit alongside cheap DVD stands and plastic boxes filled with discount toiletries. Joseph will work with the traders, local businesses and residents to explore the concept of the market as a place of performance and change, treading a line between permanence and temporality.

Sarah Butler will fulfil a creative reflection brief across the whole programme. Sarah has an interest in the relationship between stories, places and people, and in the role writers can play in exploring, illuminating and developing that relationship. Sarah will collaborate with each of the three writers and All Change to creatively examine and critique the process they undergo with their identified community and place.


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